Neshaminy Receives Arbitration Report

The state-appointed arbitrator findings are in.

The Neshaminy School Board and Neshaminy Federation of Teachers have now received the state-appointed arbitrators findings.

However, the details of the reports are not being released to the public yet.

Both parties following the teachers' eight-day strike in January.

According to a NFT press release, both sides received the report Thursday and helped identify the contract issues that are clearly in dispute.

The school board members are still reviewing the report and will likely release its details at Tuesday's board meeting at Maple Point Middle School. The union will be reviewing the document Wednesday.

“The arbitrator’s report is not a clear victory for either side,” NFT President Louise Boyd said in the release.

“But that is the nature of the give and take of bargaining and of the arbitration process. The NFT has never viewed our contract dispute as a matter of winners and losers. Rather, the goal of negotiation should be compromise that is fair to all and advances our educational goals,” she said.

Both the school board and the union have until May 12 to reject or accept the document. If they both accept the report, it would become the new contract for teachers. If either side rejects the report, negotiations will resume.

If both sides are unable to reach a settlement, the teachers can call another strike this school year.


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