15 Neshaminy Teachers May Lose Their Jobs

Due to budget cuts, 15 Neshaminy teachers may lose their jobs.

In the past several Neshaminy School Board meetings, Superintendent Louis Muenker has made budget cut suggestions to the board ranging from , The Learning Center, to forgoing purchases.

School Board President Ritchie Webb confirmed to Patch that a number of teaching positions could be eliminated should the board accept Muenker's suggestions.

Webb said that the school district notified 15 district employees Friday that they will not be offered employment for the next school year due to budget cuts.

"There is no easy way to lay off an employee, however, most would agree that it is kinder to notify those employees now, rather than at a board meeting," Webb said, noting that nothing is permanent until voted on by the board.

At a previous school board meeting, Muenker announced that the district could save approximately $1.4 million.

Should the school board move forward with eliminating The Learning Center, it would be replaced with an expansion of a state-approved Ombudsman program on the high school campus. With this program, Muenker said that, under the direction of the Bucks County Intermediate Unit, the district would shift Neshaminy students involved in the district's other alternative programs to the Ombudsman program.

The school board will consider furloughing and demoting certified staffing positions at Tuesday's school board meeting.

According to PhillyBurbs, most of the teachers who received the notices are part of the The Learning Center, while the others are middle school employees.

Richard June 05, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Getting rid of 15 is sad but necessary. And NSB, please continue to keep "cutting" until Ruthles, Vicious, Greedy Boyd & her NFT relent and realize Fiscal Restraint
Anna Marie June 05, 2012 at 01:40 PM
At the risk of coming off like a smacked hiney, good riddance to bad rubbish! Here's hoping that's exactly who gets the boot!
Bettina June 05, 2012 at 03:30 PM
times are tough for all of us...I'll bet most of us have forgone pay raises, had pay cuts, reduced benefits etc in the past several years...why not the teachers. Honestly, I don't see Einstein's coming forth...but I do see fast texters...wow.
former teacher June 05, 2012 at 03:39 PM
I don't want to see anyone lose their job. I could be wrong but this could have been avoided by the NFT accepting some form of the NSB's offer. Yes, the max teachers would take a defacto pay cut (stay at $95,000 but pay a small percentage into their health care) but the younger teachers would now be able to move up the salary structure. Since the dollars are limited, the NSB can't print money, it is up to the max teachers of the NFT to tighten their belt. They won't do it. Nor do they have to. But to blame the board for this mess is classic case of misplacing the blame. I feel badly for the teachers being let go.
JF June 06, 2012 at 08:45 PM
I wish the useless rhetoric would stop from both side because it does nothing but cloud the real issues. I don't want to see any teachers loose their jobs, regardless of what people think teaching is not for everyone and can be a difficult job. Saying that, the reality is the teachers get paid very well and I think the higher paid ones should realize they have reached their salary cap, if they are not happy go find another job. There are plenty of college grads to take your place. You are public employees entitled to a fair wage that the community you work in is able to afford. The problem is the community cant afford to have their taxes raised in these economic times so you can have raises. People are struggling to get by and don't need to get hit with another expense that benefits a very small minority of the community. The return on that investment isn't worth it.


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