Top Lower Southampton Police News of 2012

There is never a shortage of police news on Lower Southampton, but here are the most popular police stories of 2012.

The most popular police news out of Lower Southampton in 2012 range from serious car and motorcycle accidents, thefts and fraud to funny incidents.

Trevose Motorcyclist Killed in Street Road Crash: Kyle Schwab, 22, of Trevose, was killed in the wreck that occurred in Upper Southampton April 2012. The victim was an Archbishop Wood graduate.

Two Dead After Street Road Motorcycle Crash: A middle-aged man from Penndel and woman from Trevose died after a serious wreck involving a car and motorcycle at Street Road and Knowles Avenue in Upper Southampton. Both were employed part-time by the Neshaminy School District in support positions.

Feces Smeared throughout Impact Thrift Store: An Impact Thrift Store employee notified police that an unknown subject had smeared feces throughout the store.

: A Giant Food Store employee was caught on surveillance camera shorting the grocery store of cash and voiding merchandise. She made 18 illegal transactions that totaled $1,102.86 in lost profits.

Identified Package Theft Suspects Confess to Crimes: Two suspects who allegedly stole UPS packages from the front porch of a Lower Southampton home were identified and ultimately confessed to their crimes. The victim caught the "grinches" on surveillance cameras she set up at her home.

Driver Slaps Another Driver in the Face for Tailgating: After tailgating a driver along Brownsville Road toward Old Street Road, the other driver opened his driver's side door, yelled at him to "stop (expletive) tailgating me" and struck him. The man then got back into his vehicle and drove away.

Police Make 3 DUI Arrests at Weekend Checkpoint: Lower Southampton Police set up a DUI checkpoint in July. At this checkpoint, officers made three DUI arrests.

: An ex-employee showed up at the car wash in December drunk to get his job back.

Sexual Assault of Minor Reported at Langhorne Barnes & NobleAn 11-year-old girl told police on a Sunday in November an adult male assaulted her by touching her from behind at the Langhorne Barnes & Noble.

Wawa Argument and Insults Turn Into Assault: Two men were involved in an argument with two suspects in a Wawa. These two suspects later assaulted the men after leaving the store.

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