Retired Philly Police Shield Taken From Car at Auto Shop

Several items were taken from a vehicle at a Lower Southampton auto repair shop.

A man who dropped his car off to have work done reported his wallet missing from the vehicle Wednesday afternoon.

The victim told authorities he left his wallet in the glove compartment of his Honda and found it missing later when he went to pick up the vehicle, police said.

Employees of the Street Road auto repair shop said they did not take the wallet. A store manager let police search in and around the building. Nothing was found, police said.

The victim told police his wallet contained a form of identification and a retired Philadelphia Police Department badge.

The value of the wallet is less than $50, police said.

Jenny February 16, 2013 at 07:41 PM
That's a shame... Honda's are the most easy cars to break into, so I've heard. I've also dealt with a lot of auto mechanics that have stolen from my car & or stolen car parts. Somebody who worked there could have stolen it & took a break & transported it somewhere police couldn't find it... Whoever stole that man's wallet, I hope they turn it in... Otherwise I hope the man just forgot where he left his wallet & finds it soon, happens to me a lot...


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