Police: Motorcycle Struck Car in Fatal Street Road Accident (Updated)

The two people killed were both Neshaminy School District employees and had children.

Monday, 1:21 p.m.:

The victims of Saturday evening’s motorcycle vs. car crash at Street Road and Knowles Avenue in Upper Southampton have been identified as John “Jack” Edel, 52, of the Trevose section of Lower Southampton, and Ellen Kelly, 50, of Penndel.

Edel, who was pronounced dead shortly after arriving by ambulance at Abington Memorial Hospital, was driving the black and metallic colored Yamaha motorcycle. Kelly, the passenger, was flung from the bike and was pronounced dead at the scene, police reported in a release. Both of the victims were wearing helmets, Detective Craig Rudisill confirmed.

Police said a preliminary investigation revealed the bike was traveling eastbound on Street Road when it struck the front of a light colored Chevrolet Impala. Investigation revealed the Impala was attempting to make a left turn from westbound Street Road onto Knowles Avenue.

The driver of the Impala, who suffered only minor injuries, was identified by police as 28-year-old Royersford resident Kenneth Kosza. His passenger was Andrea Kosza, 26. Both were transported to St. Mary Medical Center and later released.

Both Edel and Kelly were employed part-time by the Neshaminy School District in support positions, officials said.

For more than 20 years, Edel owned and operated Jack’s Drains, a Feasterville business specializing in plumbing, drain and sewer cleaning. According to Edel’s son, Jonathan, his father began driving school buses after the recent economic downturn.

Edel’s son said his family was shocked to hear of the motorcycle wreck Saturday evening. Jonathan and his two sisters - Kristina and Rebecca - remain in a state of shock as of Monday afternoon, he said.

“I remember him as the most giving person I’ve ever known,” Jonathan said of his father, who grew up in Huntingdon Valley and moved to Trevose many years ago.

Kelly, a mother of two, had worked as a lunch aide at Carl Sandberg Middle School and Albert Schweitzer Elementary School in the Neshaminy School District for several years. She also worked part time as a crossing guard in her hometown of Penndel, where was known a someone who was always very pleasant and nice to to deal with, according to the borough’s mayor, Bob Winkler.

One of Kelly’s two children will visit the scene of the accident Monday afternoon in an attempt to get closure, a friend of Kelly said.

Jonathan said his father and mother were married and was unclear of the relationship between Edel and Kelly.

Officers from Upper Southampton and Northampton townships were back out at the scene of the crash Sunday afternoon taking measurements for the final accident report.

Authorities report the investigation is still ongoing and are requesting witnesses contact Det. Craig Rudisill at 215-364-5000 ext. 117 or crudisill@southamptonpa.com.

Original Story:

The Upper Southampton Police Department have identified the victims of as John Edel and Ellen Kelly.

The department issued the following press release regarding the accident Monday afternoon:

The Upper Southampton Police Department is investigating a traffic accident which claimed the lives of a motorcycle driver and his passenger.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Street Road and Knowles Avenue on Saturday June 30, 2012 at 7:05pm.

Preliminary investigation has revealed the Yamaha motorcycle was traveling East on Street Road when it struck a Chevrolet Impala attempting to negotiate a left turn from Westbound Street Road onto Knowles Avenue.

The operator of the motorcycle has been identified as John Edel, 52, of Trevose. He was pronounced dead at Abington Hospital shortly after the accident.

The passenger, Ellen Kelly, 50, of Penndel was pronounced dead at the scene.              

The driver of the Impala has been identified as Kenneth Kosza, 28, of Royersford. Kosza suffered minor injuries and was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Langhorne for treatment and was later released.

A passenger in the Impala, Andrea Kosza, 26, was not injured.         

The accident remains under investigation and any witnesses are requested to contact Det. Craig Rudisill at 215-364-5000 ext. 117 or crudisill@southamptonpa.com.

Silence Dogood July 20, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Cristine -- It absolutely appals me how nasty and evil people can be...especially the ones who claim to love the Lord. They use religion as a defense yet they don't honor the basic principles of "love thy brother" and "lest not ye judge...". I will always defend Ellen's honor to anyone who attempts to destroy it. Her loved ones know who she truly was, just as I am sure Jack's family knew who he truly was. Kathy knows the truth about the state of her marriage. What is a shame is that she felt she needed to vilify the victim in this sad tragedy -- Ellen was not driving either vehicle yet she was taken from us.
Ronnie August 15, 2012 at 02:47 AM
Christine Johnson....You are a very rude person...to write such trash.... No matter what thier marriage was at the time of the accident...You have no right to down her at this time....The man was the father of her children and still her husband no matter what his life was with Ellen....Two families are suffering.....Let the families have time to heal before you make your comments....You really didn't know Jack's life as much as you think.....
Cristine Johnson August 15, 2012 at 09:44 PM
To Ronnie.....you can call me whatever you like I am alive to defend myself (and Ellen as she is not). But to put it out there that my dear friend was no more than the other women? I will comment and defend her til my dying day. I do not and never claimed to know Jack's past, I can only say I knew what has been happening over the past 2 years and how dare anyone say anything other than Ellen and Jack had a committed relationship for a good deal of that time and if that is in question then at the very least for the last year. Don't attempt to defile my friend/family member and not expect me to comment on it. I would also like to point out I am not the only one sharing the same opinion "Ronnie" but am happy to take your just as rude comments on myself. 2 families are trying to heal so why don't you go work on helping yours...and thankfully the law gives the right to free speech as Kathy took advantage of....and so I am free to say as I like, as Kathy did. Its out there and we(Ellen's family) have to heal from her comments, omissions or lack of truth out there in print.....again I will say what needs to be said to make sure my niece and nephew know the TRUTH. rude or not.
Eric Schwartz October 17, 2012 at 01:55 PM
What a really nice and thoughtful man we lost. I am a customer of Jack's. He not only did a great job with drains, he would discuss church with me. Told me about The Lord and his relationship with Him. I felt the same. He was very open and I know it's so difficult in these days to be so open with people. I just learned of this today and am still taking it all in. Just wanted everyone to know that, even though I'm only a customer, he touched so many out there and still does. God Bless.
coleen z October 25, 2012 at 05:17 PM
I knew Ellen......yet i haven't seen her in many years......i remember her beautiful red hair. I think there is a lot of judgement here on what her and jack had.....i understand....it was beautiful and wonderful......because for many, many, years prior she didnt have such beautiful love.....and im glad with jack she got to have that. I understand she even had this glow about her....good for her! Everyone deserves to experience true love at least once in life....and she had that with Jack........she died with the one she loved. While I'm sorry for Jack's wife.....for her loss.....i think she needed to accect the fact that what they had was over.....while i am sad that the father of her children passed away...reality was the kids knew mom and dad needed to be apart. Daddy is missed but is in a better place. So please let Ellen be respected for the beautiful person, lover, mother, friend....that she was.........


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