Man Offers Cop $1K to Forget DUI Stop, Police Say

A New York City man was charged with DUI after an accident with a mailbox Friday night in Lower Southampton.

A 24-year-old New York City resident was quite a handful after police arrested him after an alleged DUI accident in Lower Southampton on Friday night.

The man was stopped by police after witnesses alerted dispatch late Friday night that a 2012 Ford Fusion struck the mailbox of the Bridgetown Family Medical on Bridgetown Pike, police said. The vehicle was also spotted driving without running lights

According to police, the man was slumped in his seat and looked upset when he saw authorities had stopped him. An officer made contact with the driver and saw damage to the front of the Ford.

The 24-year-old was asked to do several field sobriety test and failed them all. Police report he never even lifted his feet off the ground when they asked him to.

After being taken into custody, the man was uncooperative as officers tried to search him, police said.

The suspect blew a .18 in a portable breath test, according to police, and was asked to give a blood sample at St. Mary Medical Center. The suspect changed his mind several times and finally agreed.

Once at the Middletown hospital, the man ignored repeated requests to give blood. After being warned and still not cooperating, police took the man’s lack of cooperation as a refusal and put him in the back of a police vehicle, officials said.

While driving back to the Lower Southampton police station, the man yelled at the officer and even offered him $1,000 if the officer let him go. The officer said no and explained to him that his offer could be considered bribery, police said.

The 24-year-old suffered a scraped left elbow after he refused to put his feet on the ground when being removed from the patrol vehicle, police said.

According to police, yelling and refusal to provide information persisted from the suspect inside the station’s holding cell.

The parents of the man picked him up from the police station.

The man will be charged with DUI, hit and run causing property damage and a refusal charge.


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