'Incident' Brings Police Near Levittown Schools

Police were centered in the Highland Park section of Middletown Township Friday afternoon for what was a possible shooting.

Staff and students at two schools in the Highland Park section of Levittown in Middletown were "never in any danger" Friday afternoon following an "incident" that spawned a large police response, officials said.

Emergency scanner reports at the time stated a "shooting" had been reported,  and the schools nearby were taking precautions. The incident happened on the same day when a gunman is reported to have shot and killed 27 people including 18 children at an elementary school in Connecticut.

Middletown Township Police appeared to be focusing their attention on a house at the corner of Heartwood Turn and Heartwood Road. The police activity was located at the entrance driveway of Carl Sandburg Middle School.

An officer at the scene said the school was not currently on lockdown.

"Our students and staff were never in any danger, and our school day proceeded as usual," according to a statement sent to parents by the school.

The statement said an "incident" happened near the school and police told Neshaminy the "situation is contained." Emergency reports indicate a man was taken to St. Mary Medical Center and might have shot himself in the face.

After patrol officers began to clear the area, detectives remained inside the corner house at 2:15 p.m.

Sandburg administrators decided to hold an indoor recess session Friday. They said the decision was made "as not to interfere with police business."

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