Drunk Man Found Laying in Brownsville Road

The following information was supplied by the Lower Southampton Police Department.

The Lower Southampton Police Department received a report of an intoxicated subject laying in the middle of Brownsville Road on Tuesday, Dec. 4 around 7:30 p.m.

The complainant, the owner of Trevose Shoe Store, told police that she picked the man up out of the street and that he was stumbling and staggering in the shoe store parking lot. She said she has dealt with this subject being intoxicated before.

Upon arrival, the complainant told police that the the subject, a 50-year-old Trevose resident, was sitting on the side of the nearby laundry mat. The subject has been cited for public drunkenness several times before.

Officers observed him sitting on the curb along the wall of the laundry mat with an empty bottle of vodka on the ground about two feet away from him. He did not respond when offices asked him how much he had drank.

The subject had to be helped to his feet and held onto so he would not fall over. Before putting him in the patrol vehicle, officers checked the subject for weapons and found an orange plastic pill bottle filled with white pills marked "Watson 387." The bottle appeared to have once had a label on it, but it had been peeled off.

With "severely slurred speech," the subject told police the pills were for headaches.

When he was placed in the back of the vehicle, he could not sit up and had to lay down.

He registered .27 on a breath test.

The above information was supplied by the Lower Southampton Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction. For full details from the police reports, click on the attached PDF file.

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