Expect the Unexpected

Should you raise the bar or lower your standards? Take a look at what happens when you have expectations.

How often do you do something and have no expectations in return? Your health and wellness IS dependent upon this word. 

I am not referring to expectations like going to work, completing a successful job and getting paid. Expectations can boost us to get the job done and do our best, but the results are not always foreseeable. Some people keep expectations low so that they can not be disappointed. If you aren’t expecting anything then whatever happens will be a benefit. "What we anticipate seldom occurs, what we least expected generally happens." -Benjamin Disraeli

I would consider it beneficial to live in the moment and appreciate what you currently have and what you are currently doing. This can be favorable to someone, instead of thinking about the cause and effect or reaping a reward.

It is a fine line to walk as well. If one person is happy today with an accomplishment, will that same act yield the same emotive results?

Do you continuously get satisfaction out of life’s simple pleasures? Small example: I love my chai frappuccino at . For me it is a breath of fresh air and pure happiness. Yes, I think it’s that good. But when my barista makes it different than the last one with too much syrup or something else varied, I am not as happy because I anticipated a different result. But when I do not compare it to the last, I am able to enjoy it thoroughly. Again, just a small example but expectations have been researched on a bigger scale.

There was a study competed at The University of Chicago which showed that older adults are more likely to enjoy life. A study at the Wharton School found that women today are not as happy as women 40 years ago in the workplace. Why do you think that is and what role do expectations have in this study? The study also noted that people in a recession have less expectations and are happier with what they have versus a booming economy. It all stems down to expectations.

Families in Denmark are known to have lower expectations and therefore are happier. We shouldn’t need to lower our expectations nor ignore reality and its inconsistencies to be happy. But to live in the present with all of its wavering possibilities can be challenging if you expect a specific result every time.

Expectations can make a difference in your daily routine. The placebo effect is studied regularly in medicine. If you believe a medicine will fail, you have expectations that it will fail, then you can actually cancel out the effectiveness of its benefits. 

Marketing also targets your expectations to sell you a product. It can revolve around happiness, nostalgia, culture, ideas of wealth and so on. You expect a result from a product and purchase into their advertisement.

Unfortunately, this is how society works right now. I don’t have anything magical to say. But I read a quote that seemed appropriate, “The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations,” by Eli Khamarov. Stay aware of your expectations. Make sure they are flexible and practical.


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