Police: Teens Found With Beer, Rum

Two 15-year-old boys were cited after cops found bags full of alcohol.

Police cited two 15-year-old boys after they found bags filled with Miller Light cans, Captain Morgan Spice Rum and Four Loko.

An officer on patrol noticed the two teens acting strangely after he passed them on Bridgetown Pike at 1:51 a.m. on Saturday, police said.

The officer turned around and saw the teens running and stopped them.

The teens said they were coming from a friend's house and walking to the Arbor Lane Apartments. The officer made contact with one of the boys' grandmother and she said it was okay for him to be outside past curfew, police said.

Before the officer gave the two a ride, he asked what was in the backpacks they were each carrying.

According to police, between the two teens, 11 cans of Miller Light beer, two cans of Four Loko and a bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum were discovered.

One boy registered a .03 on the portable breath test, the other .15, police said.

The officer contacted the boys' guardians.

It was later determined, one of the teens lied to police about his information, authorities said.

Both teens will be cited for underage drinking.


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