Patch 101: Advertise with Patch

Learn more about advertising opportunities with your local and nearby Patches.

Because Lower Southampton Patch is updated on average 5-8 times per day, delivering news, events, school sports, and more, and is your trusted local news source, it is a great spot to advertise. You can pick and choose the right custom ad in the towns you want, when and where you want it.

The advertising team will provide you with your ad performance results on a monthly basis in person, and make recommendations that will enhance your campaign. Furthermore, all packages are custom fit for your advertising needs based on your goals and objectives.

But why advertise online with Patch?

You can reach affluent homeowners in Bucks and Montgomery Counties and increase customer satisfaction through a positive branding campaign.

At Patch you can share an ad slot with up to four advertisers (which makes it more affordable for more businesses). Running an ad on the interior pages gets you exposure on all the interior pages, while running an ad on the home page only gets you exposure on the home page.

You can target big by advertising on many Patches throughout the state, or you can keep your target small by focusing on Patch Lower Southampton and neighboring Patches like Upper Southampton and Bensalem. Or you can choose to advertise on a specific type of article. 

The advertising team will share the number of impressions each advertiser gets, as well as the number of clicks to their website, so you'll be able to keep track of the effectiveness of your ad.

Here are some steps to creating an effective message:

  • Create a message that focuses on the customer benefits. Customers want to know what you can do for them and how.
  • Tell potential customers why they should choose you over your competitors. What can you do or offer customers that nobody else can—What is your expertise?
  • You know your business better then anyone. What makes your present customers choose you over anyone else?
  • Create top of mind of awareness through branding. Make potential customers think of you first when they are ready, willing and able to buy. Branding your message will build awareness.
  • People need to see your message consistently. People are barraged by messages everyday...we want them to remember you.

So get in touch with our advertising representative to learn more today:

Nora Jemali: 215.932.9811, nora.jemali@patch.com.

Click here for Patch's digital media kit.

Editor's Note: Information for this edition of Patch 101 was provided by Regional Publisher for the Greater Philadelphia Region, Stephanie Leicht.


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